Testimony of Linda Colvin September 24, 2017

On September 24, 2017, my wife Linda shared experiences from her life of faith with friends at the Burney Presbyterian Church. She spoke about her childhood and life of faith, her search for true love, Jesus, and also a traumatic experience she went through when she was subjected to an attempted deprogramming.


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The Kingdom of God is coming now!

The conditions for the restoration of Adam’s sin have been fulfilled. That means that people can be liberated from original sin.

Road to the Temple of Peace

Therefore, the Kingdom of God can come on earth as it is in heaven.

This means that world peace will be established. People of different races and nationalities will live together in harmony. An environment of true love will come to be.

God is compassionate. God’s compassion is expressed through both judgement and mercy.

In order for us to experience God’s mercy we must go through God’s judgment.

The proud will be humbled and the sinners must come to repentance.

End it now!

Pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth. Pray for God’s will to be done. Pray for us to be delivered from evil.

Believe, repent, and sin no more.

Through repentance your personal sins are forgiven. God will give you the strength to resist evil. God will fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you can feel His love. The Holy Spirit will cleanse your heart. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. You can be perfect as your Heavenly Parent is perfect.

Peace will come through forgiveness. Just as God forgives us we must forgive others. As we forgive each other God will forgive us, not just individually but collectively.

Racial, religious, and ethnic harmony will come through forgiveness. Forgiveness opens the door for us to feel God’s love together. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. Love your neighbor. Love your enemy.

True love now!

The kingdom of God is the world of true love. The world of true love is coming now.

How long will it take for the world of true love to be realized?

The door is open. For me to enter I must repent and sin no more. In this way, I dis-cover the Kingdom of God within me. Loving others and sharing the truth that God reveals to me I help to expand the kingdom. Listening to the truth that God reveals to others helps to expand the kingdom. Forgiving others is part of loving others. Through reconciliation we expand the world of true love.

The door is open. For you to enter you must repent and sin no more. Ask God for help. Ask and you shall receive. Be patient and believe. You will be redeemed through your faith in the power of God.

The door is open. For all of us to experience the Kingdom of God together as one family, we must both repent and forgive. As we do so we will become one together in God’s love. The Father  will be in us and we will be in the Father.

Sin will be no more.

The kingdom of God is coming now. The door is open. Please enter.

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The Peaceful Reunification of Korea

Korea is one nation. The Korean people are one people with a common language, history, and culture. The peaceful reunification of Korea should be the stated goal, not only for Koreans, but for all nations of the world.

Unification flag of Korea (pre 2006)

The division of Korea into two areas ruled by separate governments is a vestige of the Cold War. Just as in Europe, the Soviet Union occupied East Germany and the Allied Western Powers occupied West Germany, so also in East Asia, the Soviet Union occupied the northern part of Korea and the United States occupied the South. Germany has reunified. It is now time for Korea to do the same.

On December 1,1943, the Korean independence agreement signed by the United States, China, and Great Britain at the Cairo Conference, stated, “The aforesaid three powers, mindful of the enslavement of the people of Korea, are determined that ‘in due course’ Korea shall become free and independent”.

In 1945, the United Nations developed plans for trusteeship for the administration of Korea. In that same year, Japanese troops north of the 38th parallel surrendered to the Soviet Union as troops to the south surrendered to the U.S. The division was not meant to be permanent. However, in 1948, due to rising cold war tensions, two competing governments were established: the Democratic People’s Republic in the north and the Republic of Korea in the south.

The outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 further exasperated the situation, resulting in the division of Korea into two hostile territories divided by a demilitarized zone (DMZ).

In spite of this, the stated aim of both governments on the Korean Peninsula is the peaceful reunification of Korea. The latest reiteration of this goal was the June 15th North–South Joint Declaration in 2000, which stated:

  1. The South and the North have agreed to resolve the question of reunification independently and through the joint efforts of the Korean people, who are the masters of the country.
  2. For the achievement of reunification, we have agreed that there is a common element in the South’s concept of a confederation and the North’s formula for a loose form of federation. The South and the North agreed to promote reunification in that direction.
  3. The South and the North have agreed to promptly resolve humanitarian issues such as exchange visits by separated family members and relatives on the occasion of the August 15 National Liberation Day and the question of unswerving Communists serving prison sentences in the South.
  4. The South and the North have agreed to consolidate mutual trust by promoting balanced development of the national economy through economic cooperation and by stimulating cooperation and exchanges in civic, cultural, sports, health, environmental and all other fields.
  5. The South and the North have agreed to hold a dialogue between relevant authorities in the near future to implement the above agreements expeditiously.

Since 2001, the situation has deteriorated. Now tensions are at a peak.

But a problem can not be solved unless there is a goal and a vision.

Peaceful reunification of Korea is the goal. This goal should be clearly reaffirmed by the leaders of North and South Korea and it should also be embraced by the United States, China, Japan, and Russia as well as all members of the United Nations.

Until this goal is agreed upon by the leaders of the world there can be no worthwhile progress.

We do not want war and the maintenance of a status quo that continually foments hostility within the region is not a solution.

Obviously, there are obstacles. Some will say that the peaceful reunification of Korea is not possible.

To them I say, “With God all things are possible.”

Pray for the peaceful reunification of Korea and encourage your leaders to affirm and work toward this goal.

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I Am

Circles Giving Birth to Circles

I am
a soul
and experience
through a physical body
in a material world

I am
an individual expression
of God’s spirit
shaping reality
in a world
of divine creation.

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Restoration of Trust

In order to realize the universal world of True Love, trust must be restored.

No one exists alone. We all exist in relationship to God, to other people, and to nature.

Without God, there would be no existence, no life, no love.

Without our parents we would not have been born.

In his description of the psychosocial stages of human development, Eric Erickson says that when a baby is born, the first crisis that he or she faces is “trust or distrust.”

Trust is a fundamental prerequisite of a healthy psyche. Trust is fundamental to loving relationships.

Do I trust God? Can God trust me?
Can I trust you? Can you trust me?
Am I capable of trusting? Am I trustworthy?

In English, the words trust and faith share some common connotations. The word trust is derived from Teutonic: Old English, Old Norse, Germanic. The word faith is derived from the Latin fidere. In origin, both words refer to a common quality of relationship. I can confide in you without fear of betrayal. I can rely upon you. I know that you are true.

So trust is related to honesty, sincerity, reliability, responsibility, vulnerability, and truth.

In the biblical story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were naked and unafraid. The existed in relationship with God and with each other. God, Adam, and Eve had  no reason not to trust one another. Their love for one another was growing.

In their relationship with each other and with God, Adam and Eve were creating their reality, and it was a reality based in love and trust. God had created Adam and Eve to be co-creators. God trusted Adam and Eve.

God gave Adam and Eve responsibility. He asked them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The serpent introduced doubt. Adam and Eve ate of the fruit and trust was destroyed.

When trust is betrayed, it is very difficult to restore. This is true in all relationships. It is true between parents and children, between husband and wife, between friends, between business partners, in organizations, in communities, between leaders and followers, in politics, and between nations.

In order for there to be peace, trust must be restored. In order for there to be love, trust must be restored. In order for their to be happiness, trust must be restored.

Trust is a mystical healing power that comes from opening one’s heart to the power of God’s love.

God can be trusted.
God is the rock, the cornerstone of restoration.
In your inmost heart, call out to God to show you the Way.

God will guide you and God’s love will overwhelm you.

Then we can expand the foundation. Step by step, open your heart to others.

If you are trustworthy others will trust you. If you extend your trust to others, gradually they will reciprocate.

But do not be discouraged if they don’t. Pray for them, forgive them. This is a process. God will guide us to restore a community of trust.

Step by step, dear Heavenly Father, please help us to restore trust in out families, amongst friends, in our communities, in our nations and amongst nations. Help us to restore trust amongst all people of different races and cultures in our world.

In God we trust.

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One Most High God – One Way

Road to the Temple of Peace

There is only one Absolute Reality.
There is only one source of all that is.
There is only one Most High God.

There appear to be many ways.
Yet in their essence they are all one.

Love God with all your heart and all your soul and all your strength.
Love your neighbor as yourself.

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Hope is Alive!

Many feel this winter’s been a bummer
Waiting for the warm winds of summer
But when the snows melt we will grow and thrive
Because Hope is alive!

Sometimes it helps to sing a song
Sometimes we need to write a poem
Because when we express the depths of our soul
It feels like we are going home

Sometimes it helps to have a friend
When troubles seem to have no end
It always helps to join in prayer
Because then God is there

And Hope is alive
We will survive
Where faith and love abide
Hope is alive!

Yes Hope is alive
We will grow and thrive
Because where faith and love abide
Hope is alive!

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