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A documentary of William Tyndale

This is very interesting and inspiring history!

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The Quest

The Quest

The Quest

So I asked history
“Do you have purpose?”

History divided consciousness from form
to reflect upon events swirling in a dance of love

And then replied,

“I am intelligent process
not predetermined
not random
influenced by the interaction of human and divine will.”


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Women in the Life of Alexander The Great

A continuation of the exploration of the hypothesis “It is never a good Idea to try to conquer the world.” with a brief look into the mind of Alexander and four of the women in his life, especially his marriage to Roxana and her fate.

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Reincarnation Alexander the Great and 4 generations of Greek philosophy

I’ve been doing a series of talks entitled “It’s never a good idea to want to rule the world: pride cometh before a fall.” I’m thinking that maybe that is to absolute. Perhaps I should just call it ” A brief survey of people who have wanted to rule the world.” Then I can let people decide for themselves whether it is a good idea or not.

No doubt, the world needs good leaders. Some leaders are ambitious and want to rule. Others are reluctant leaders. I prefer reluctant leaders. They like to do good but prefer to work with others and often to act behind the scenes. They assume leadership only at the urging or insistence of others because the people want their leadership.

Some ambitious leaders may be inspired by the desire to serve others. However, often ambitious leaders are motivated by a drive for power that inflates their ego and proves destructive.

There are many styles of leadership. I will examine these over the course of time. I will say at this time that I like a leader who can build consensus while at the same time being decisive when the time calls for it.

Anyway here is a little video:

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