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Thanksgiving Song

I didn’t know enough Thanksgiving Songs so Linda and I made one up the day before Thanksgiving and sang it at the Senior Nutrition Center and the Circle of Friends.



Give thanks to God who sees and provides
Give thanks to the Spirit that loves and guides
Thanks for friends and neighbors
In whom love abides

Thank you God for being you
Without you what would we do
Even when we’re in a stew
You are true

Thank you God for being here
Freeing our hearts from doubt and fear
Now we bow our heads and pray
In thanks this day.

Notes and Corrections:

The “God who sees” is from the story of Hagar in  Gen 16:13So she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “Thou art a God of seeing”; for she said, “Have I really seen God and remained alive after seeing him?”

I misspoke  in this video when I said it was the episode where the well appears. It is actually from the earlier episode when Hagar fled before Ishmael was born. Both stories are worth reading because Hagar is one of the few women in the Bible for whom a theophany is recorded not just once but twice. The second occurs in Gen 21:17 after the birth of Isaac, when Abraham sends her and Ismael away at Sarah’s request.

The “God who provides” is from the story of Abraham and Isaac. Gen 22:14So Abraham called the name of that place The LORD will provide; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the LORD it shall be provided.”

Happy Thanksgiving! May your heart be filled with gratitude to our loving Heavenly Father who sees and provides.

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Praise, gratitude, supplication, and commitment

I added in another verse so this worship song would include Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I was moved when I heard Johnny Cash sing Depeche Mode’s song, “Everybody needs their own personal Jesus, Someone who cares, someone who’s there.” It was a valuable reminder and counsel for me. If you want to open the door to the Father and receive the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, then humble yourself to Jesus, read his words, and do what he says.

A Song of Praise and Offering


Heavenly Father
El Shalom
Teach us the way of peace

Heavenly Father
El Shaddai
We offer praise to you

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Building your Kingdom on Earth

We want to feel your Holy Spirit
Giving our hearts new birth


Thank you Jesus
Holy Messiah
For showing us the Way

Thank you Jesus
Son of God
In your Holy Name we pray

Teach us to live as brothers and sisters
Sharing the Kingdom within

We want to be your true disciples
Living our lives freed from sin

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
Heavenly Dove
Fill our hearts with your love

Holy Spirit
Wonderful Counselor
Send us wisdom from above

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Bringing your Kingdom on Earth

We want to see your bright shining presence
Filling the world with new birth


We praise you
We give you thanks
For all your wonder
For all of your power
For all of your glory
For all of your mercy
We offer our lives to you


Heavenly Father
Lord of Love
We give our hearts to you

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A birthday song for Francis Butler’s 100th birthday

Frances Butler
Turns one hundred today
Frances from Burney
Lived her life in her own way

Kindness and beauty
Harmony and grace
Have blessed the life of Frances
And all her loved ones in this place

People all throughout the mountains
People all throughout the land
Let us come to celebrate
This special day for one so grand

Frances Oh Frances
With a heart so pure and true
Frances of Burney
Happy Birthday to you!

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A Song – Observe, Digest, and unify

The lyrics for the chorus of this song:

Observe the situation
Digest the information
Unify the parties involved
Then Love will come
And Prosperity will abound

were inspired by a sermon, delivered by Rev. Sun Myung Moon,  that I read more than thirty years ago.

I have found this little formula to be very useful. I wrote the song back in the early 1980’s.


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The Power of Love – A Poem and a Song

Hope is Alive! is an open mike series promoting suicide prevention. Numerous artists from different genres come together to share through their work how creativity helps people overcome struggle and despair. The theme on this occasion was “The Power of love.”

There were many wonderful poets, singers, and dancers. This was my small contribution: one short poem entitled “In this world of heart and mind,” and a song I wrote called “Rise and Shine.”

The video quality is not so great but I hope you can feel the spirit of the event.

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