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You listen but do not hear
The song that fills the air
Your heart is numb with fear
To dance you do not dare

See the people running nowhere as the righteous stand strong
See the people stiff as statues as the righteous stroll along

Hear the inner voice
The silent inner voice

Make the right choice

In time you shall rejoice

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Praise, gratitude, supplication, and commitment

I added in another verse so this worship song would include Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I was moved when I heard Johnny Cash sing Depeche Mode’s song, “Everybody needs their own personal Jesus, Someone who cares, someone who’s there.” It was a valuable reminder and counsel for me. If you want to open the door to the Father and receive the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, then humble yourself to Jesus, read his words, and do what he says.

A Song of Praise and Offering


Heavenly Father
El Shalom
Teach us the way of peace

Heavenly Father
El Shaddai
We offer praise to you

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Building your Kingdom on Earth

We want to feel your Holy Spirit
Giving our hearts new birth


Thank you Jesus
Holy Messiah
For showing us the Way

Thank you Jesus
Son of God
In your Holy Name we pray

Teach us to live as brothers and sisters
Sharing the Kingdom within

We want to be your true disciples
Living our lives freed from sin

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
Heavenly Dove
Fill our hearts with your love

Holy Spirit
Wonderful Counselor
Send us wisdom from above

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Bringing your Kingdom on Earth

We want to see your bright shining presence
Filling the world with new birth


We praise you
We give you thanks
For all your wonder
For all of your power
For all of your glory
For all of your mercy
We offer our lives to you


Heavenly Father
Lord of Love
We give our hearts to you

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I Remember the Monastery

I remember the monastery
Crashing against the rocks
On that cool spring California night

White foam spraying
As we stared intensely
At the blank walls

No thinking
No seeing
No ing

As the flames rose
And our heads exploded
Blowing great holes through the shingled roof

And you were the tiger’s claw
Hidden behind the veil

And I was the burning cauldron
Casting stars into the endless night

(Note: This is a poem I wrote in 2005 reflecting on the memory of doing zazen at a monastery in Santa Cruz with my cousin Pamela.)

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I Am

Circles Giving Birth to Circles

I am
a soul
and experience
through a physical body
in a material world

I am
an individual expression
of God’s spirit
shaping reality
in a world
of divine creation.

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Hope is Alive!

Many feel this winter’s been a bummer
Waiting for the warm winds of summer
But when the snows melt we will grow and thrive
Because Hope is alive!

Sometimes it helps to sing a song
Sometimes we need to write a poem
Because when we express the depths of our soul
It feels like we are going home

Sometimes it helps to have a friend
When troubles seem to have no end
It always helps to join in prayer
Because then God is there

And Hope is alive
We will survive
Where faith and love abide
Hope is alive!

Yes Hope is alive
We will grow and thrive
Because where faith and love abide
Hope is alive!

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In Silence

almost-mokshaGod can minister to one’s soul in the silence.
In silence, one can experience the presence of God.
In silence, one’s questions can be answered
and new questions can be raised.
In silence, direction can be discovered.
In silence, the balm that heals
mental, emotional, and physical ailments
pours forth and one can embrace
the peace that passes all understanding.

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God in the flesh

cascade-calderaI hope to see
in humanity
(and inside of me)

higher intelligence
a more profound heart
and a wiser will

Mortimus and Raphaella by the Sea

dedicated to the realization of Good
through the unfolding process
of infinite creativity.

Each one of us
is meant to be
God in the flesh.



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A lonely man knelt down to pray

A lonely man knelt down to pray

A lonely man knelt down to pray

In the turmoil of the world

In the sadness of the day

A lonely man knelt down to pray


And words of hope sprang from his tongue

The words the ancient psalmist sung

And rose like incense to the heavenly hosts above

Who rolled a rainbow across the sky

And sent down waves of love


And the clouds grew a little bit whiter

And the sun shone a little bit brighter

And for all who strive for righteousness

The burden became a little bit lighter

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Pledge of the Brown Bear

Full Moon Rising
I pledge allegiance
To the Way

And to the Love, Freedom,
Creativity, and Abudance
That it provides

One Cosmos
With God as its Center and Circumference

E Pluribus Unum
With Compassion for All

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The Quest

The Quest

The Quest

So I asked history
“Do you have purpose?”

History divided consciousness from form
to reflect upon events swirling in a dance of love

And then replied,

“I am intelligent process
not predetermined
not random
influenced by the interaction of human and divine will.”


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