A Prayer to Our Father

Our Father in heaven
who is, was, and forever will be
The essence and source of all

We are in awe of your infinite majesty
We thank you for life and for your loving kindness and beneficence.

We pray that your Holy Spirit will be within us
guiding our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

We ask that you bless us with discernment to know good from evil,
wisdom to choose the good,
strength to turn away from the ways of wickedness,
so that you may guide us in the path of righteousness.

Help us to be humble and contrite
so that we may not succumb to pride, arrogance, and self-deception.

Teach us when to listen, when to ask questions, and when to speak.

Free our hearts from lust, greed, anger, resentment, and selfish gluttony
so that, with pure and grateful hearts,
we may experience your presence
and delight in your blessings.

Let us know when to be still and when to move
so that we may feel your peace and manifest the power of peace in action.

Help us to forgive one another and to reconcile our differences.

We thank you that you have enabled us to become your true sons and daughters
and pray that you may guide us to be loving brothers and sisters,
honorable men and women,
tender, caring, supportive husbands and wives,
and good, wise and compassionate parents.

Emmanuel, God with us and within us
We pray that working together with your heavenly hosts
we may bring forth your sinless kingdom of truth and love
in our community, our nation, and the world
on earth and in heaven.

We pray this in your Holy Name


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