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Thanksgiving Song

I didn’t know enough Thanksgiving Songs so Linda and I made one up the day before Thanksgiving and sang it at the Senior Nutrition Center and the Circle of Friends.



Give thanks to God who sees and provides
Give thanks to the Spirit that loves and guides
Thanks for friends and neighbors
In whom love abides

Thank you God for being you
Without you what would we do
Even when we’re in a stew
You are true

Thank you God for being here
Freeing our hearts from doubt and fear
Now we bow our heads and pray
In thanks this day.

Notes and Corrections:

The “God who sees” is from the story of Hagar in  Gen 16:13So she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “Thou art a God of seeing”; for she said, “Have I really seen God and remained alive after seeing him?”

I misspoke  in this video when I said it was the episode where the well appears. It is actually from the earlier episode when Hagar fled before Ishmael was born. Both stories are worth reading because Hagar is one of the few women in the Bible for whom a theophany is recorded not just once but twice. The second occurs in Gen 21:17 after the birth of Isaac, when Abraham sends her and Ismael away at Sarah’s request.

The “God who provides” is from the story of Abraham and Isaac. Gen 22:14So Abraham called the name of that place The LORD will provide; as it is said to this day, “On the mount of the LORD it shall be provided.”

Happy Thanksgiving! May your heart be filled with gratitude to our loving Heavenly Father who sees and provides.

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A Song of Worship

A Song of Worship

Heavenly Father
El Shalom
Teach us the way of peace

Heavenly Father
El Shaddai
We offer praise to you

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Building your Kingdom on Earth

We want to feel your Holy Spirit
Giving our hearts new birth

Holy Spirit
Heavenly Dove
Fill our hearts with your love

Holy Spirit
Wonderful Counselor
Send us wisdom from above

We want to be your true sons and daughters
Bringing your Kingdom on Earth

We want to see your bright shining presence
Filling the world with new birth

We praise you
We give you thanks
For all your wonder
For all of your power
For all of your glory
For all of your mercy
We offer our lives to you

Heavenly Father
Holy Spirit
We give our lives to you

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Let Love Flow Through You So That Your Heart May Be Pure

The Long Days Time is the first phase of summer. Summer is the time when trees develop their fruit. To produce good fruit you want a pure heart. Rose is the color. The Woodpecker is the totem. Go outdoors. Enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of nature. Let love flow though you so that your heart may be pure and your fruit may be juicy, nutritious, and sweet.

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Women in the Life of Alexander The Great

A continuation of the exploration of the hypothesis “It is never a good Idea to try to conquer the world.” with a brief look into the mind of Alexander and four of the women in his life, especially his marriage to Roxana and her fate.

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What’s Happening: The Flawed Guru Half Awake in the Flowering Time

It is the Flowering Time. The totem animal is the deer.
The astrological sigh is Gemini. Mercury rules.
Let the petals of your being unfold in relation to the cosmos.


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Alexander, Philip, and Olympias

A bit more exploration of the life of Alexander the Great relating to his parents, his lineage, and his conception of the world. This is part of the series, “It is never a good idea to want to conquer the world.”

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Growing a Healthy World

April 20 is the beginning of the growing time. Let us pause to consider how we can grow in a healthy way. Peace be with you.

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Identity and Change, Descartes, Mathematics, King David, Solomon’s Temple, Satan, Statistics, Pythagoras, Plato, and God.

I misspoke in this video saying that Pythagoras studied Plato. I meant to say that Plato was familiar with the teaching of Pythagoras.

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Preparing for a birth of new creativity January 2016

A brief exposition of the solar, lunar, and astrological influences as we move closer to the birth of a new spring. I forgot to mention the Chinese New Year. On February 8, we will be entering the Year of the Monkey. Peace be with you. Let go of the old to prepare for the new.  This is  cleansing time.

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Merry Christmas from the Flawed Guru 2015

Peace on Earth Good will towards all humanity! Faith, hope, and love. Now matter how dark things get, take things one day at a time and God will guide you. Love to everyone. Amen.

Here’s a crazy song I made up spontaneously at Glenn’s house recently.

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