The Sayings of Al Salami

Al Salami is the modern day prophet of Confusionism. He runs a

Al Salami
Al Salami

delicatessen in the Bronx. He is very popular with the woman in the neighborhood because they like his salami. He writes sayings on butcher paper and posts them on the wall. Some are his own sayings. Some are sayings by others (Ekhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Meher Baba, etc.)

Here are some of his sayings:

Beware of people who try to sell you baloney.

Everything is just right, especially my salami and reality sandwiches.

I accept what is, I embrace all reality as myself.

We all have many passengers on the bus. Accept and treat them all with love. Then they will respect the driver and everyone will enjoy the trip.

I am the director of my movie. You are a character in my movie. You are the director of your movie. I am a character in your movie. I will not try to be the director of your movie. I won’t let you be the director of my movie.

I be I. You be you. I love I. I love you.

Try to understand all points of view. Those you disagree with are your best teachers.

Always maintain a calm internal center of love.

Humbly seek the guidance of Spirit, study with your left brain, then let intuition guide your right brain to insight and fusion.

Let your heart and your soul be your guide, and then apply your mind and body to navigate the way.

Go where life leads you with an open heart and mind and always do your best.

Nothing is ever done in vain if you put your heart into it.

Listen to silence.

If you want the power to manifest good fruits in due time, learn to moderate self-gratification and endure pain.

Don’t take things personally; don’t make assumptions.

There is Nothing to fear, and that is exactly what it is that we do fear.

Take it easy.

Breathe more.

Don’t worry, be happy

Be Yourself

Feel the love

Live in the Now, Live in the Wow

Everything is unfolding exactly as it should.

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