Genesis According To Confusionism

Before the beginning indescribable incomprehensible.

In the beginning there was NO thing, NO light. NO dark. NO Sound. NO space. NO thought. NO feeling. NO imagination. The world of Zero.

This is why wise parents say to their children, “Know the NO.” Unwise parents just say “NO!” or “No no!”

Almost MokshaThe beginning was a vibration emanating from a point in a circumference of spherical motion. This happened when the NO became conscious of itself, loved itself, and thought “Wow!” Thus the NO knew and became the Now and gave birth to Know and New.

Know and New gave birth to the masculine and feminine principles Ah! and Ooh! Thus in the world of Wow were born light and darkness, sound and silence, desire and satisfaction, joy and despair.

Ah and Ooh pursued each other in endless circles of delight. At the conclusion of each cycle Ah became Ooh and Ooh became Ah, masculinity and femininity changing roles. They created endless spheresMortimus and Raphaella by the Sea which interlocked in sacred geometry to form a seed, and then a flower, and then a tree of life. The consciousness of the growth of these bubbles of joy emerged as the tree of knowledge. All of this occurred first in the causal realms in which time as we no it did not yet exist. This is the world of Nous from which imagination is born. The fertile womb of the universe.

Feedback patterns emerged in the Nous as subtle mental and emotional patterns forming tones of sound and light which created images, Reaching In For The Flowermelodies, and harmonies. This is the formation of the mental and astral worlds and the world of imagination. Ah and Ooh created the world of Oz and Ooze and in the Ooze inner life began to stir as conscious personal spiritual creative personalities. These are the gods and goddesses, angels and demons.

Imagination running wild in a realm of infinite potentialities created infinite complexity and chaos beyond the understanding even of the consciousness of Now. The Now said “Whoa!” and went to sleep. And so dreams were born.

When the Now woke up, it decided to try to bring order out of the chaos. Thus Choice was born. As Choice focused its attention upon possibility, potentiality became actuality. Thus our universe was created. It firstGiving Birth to an Age bloomed as sound and light and gradually formed particles, replicating the patterns formed in the world of the Nous. This is the physical universe guided in its development by morphogenetic etheric energies connected to the NO through the causal realms. Order emerged, yet because the Now slept every seven days, chaos crept in. This is a good thing because it stimulates creativity.

In time the universe evolved to a level of complexity in which brains developed capable of self-awareness and reflection. Astral beings came to earth to vacation for a lifetime in a physical body.

The first such beings were Ozzie and Harriett from the astral land of Keeping One's Eye On the BallOoze. Ozzie and Harriett gave birth to Mo, Larry, and Curley and Flo, Mary, and Shirley. Mo heard a voice that said,” go with the flow.” So Mo married Flo. They named their first son Mo Jo. Then Flo gave birth to twins, Pro and Con.

Larry married Mary. Mary as we know gave birth to Jesus. She is also the mother of Buddha. There is some contention about this but some say that Satan is also Jesus’ brother.

Shirley married Curly and gave birth to Coyote, Pan, Loki, and Pandora, and to Will and Grace.

Since then human life has multiplied in a strange paradox of order and chaos, rationality and irrationality.

Don’t worry  Be happy  Take it Easy  Breathe through the traumas  Be Yourself  Feel the love

Live in the Now  Live in the Wow

Birth of Confusionism

The Fundamental Principles of Confusionism

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