Three Artists discuss Creative Space on Late Night Poetry Jam

On Friday afternoon November 24, I was invited by host Pam Spoto to participate on one of her Late Night Poetry Jams on KKRN 88.5 Radio in Round Mountain along with fellow guest Craig Boyer.

The title of the show was Three Artists discuss Creative Space on Late Night Poetry Jam. It aired on Saturday night November 25.

Pamela Spoto is a talented poet from the Redding area. Her weekly broadcast, Late Night Poetry Jam, offers “uncensored poetry which is passionate, timely, engaging and powerful.” Each week features a different guest author.

Craig Boyer is a poet, songwriter, and music connoisseur. Craig hosts “Dig This! Music With a Message” once a month on KKRN. Acknowlging the power of music to change minds and hearts, he uses music in his social work practice with Stroke Support, Parkinson’s Support and Alzheimer’s Support Groups.

During the course of our discussion, we discussed the sources of inspiration and themes of our poetry and then shared some of our work. Here is the link where you can listen to the entire broadcast:

I also set up a small camera to make a rough video of the recording session. This is a playlist broken up into areas of discussion and performance.

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