Peace, harmony, love, shared prosperity and the 2016 Presidential Election

As I said in an earlier blog, the 2016 presidential primaries have not been good for my health. That’s why I had to pause and reflect on what is going on.

In my mind, health is a multidimensional phenomenon involving a dynamic relationship amongst spiritual health, mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

Our body, our thoughts, and our emotions all affect one another in a complex relationship. I believe that as a general rule of thumb, spiritual health is the foundation for mental and emotional health, which in turn facilitates physical health.

I also like to think not only in terms of my personal health, but also, of healthy relationships, healthy families, healthy communities, a healthy society, a healthy nation, and a healthy world living in a healthy environment.

It is my goal to help bring about a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy world made up of healthy nations, communities, families, and individuals. The foundation for such a world is spiritual health. The power that heals the spirit and maintains health is divine love.

I hope to see a global culture of peace, freedom, creativity and shared prosperity.

There are four major challenges to be overcome in realizing such a world:

(1) Armed conflict between and within nations;
(2) Racial, religious, and ethic conflict;
(3) The disintegration of the social fabric (family and community) necessary for young people to grow into confident, capable, and empathetic adults;
(4) Acute income disparity both within and between nations

I believe that leaders should have vision. I believe that their policies should be developed with an eye toward achieving that vision.

In other words, I would like to see a leader with these goals:

(1) World peace
(2) Racial, religious, and ethnic harmony
(3) A healthy physical, social, and psychological environment for children
(4) Economic development and shared prosperity

In this 2016 presidential campaign, I suggest that the candidates explain how their policies will move us forward toward these goals.

When looking at the candidates campaigns and there effects, I suggest that potential voters ask themselves,

“What kind of vision for the future of the world does this person have?”

“Is this person helping to bring about racial, religious, and ethnic harmony?”

“What kind of example is this person setting for our children?”

“Does this person have empathy for those who are suffering?”

I suggest that people consider the effects of the campaigns as well, because style and spirit of a campaign offers a foretaste of the administration that this person will  create.

I think we need a president who is decisive, but also humble, faithful, and truthful.

Given this foundation, we can then consider whether their policy proposals make sense and will be effective. We can look at their experience and see if they have an overall record of positive accomplishment in light of the above mentioned criteria.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. I suggest that each voter make a scorecard and grade each candidate according to the criteria outlined above.

Pray for guidance.

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