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A Song – Observe, Digest, and unify

The lyrics for the chorus of this song:

Observe the situation
Digest the information
Unify the parties involved
Then Love will come
And Prosperity will abound

were inspired by a sermon, delivered by Rev. Sun Myung Moon,  that I read more than thirty years ago.

I have found this little formula to be very useful. I wrote the song back in the early 1980’s.


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The Power of Love – A Poem and a Song

Hope is Alive! is an open mike series promoting suicide prevention. Numerous artists from different genres come together to share through their work how creativity helps people overcome struggle and despair.┬áThe theme on this occasion was “The Power of love.”

There were many wonderful poets, singers, and dancers. This was my small contribution: one short poem entitled “In this world of heart and mind,” and a song I wrote called “Rise and Shine.”

The video quality is not so great but I hope you can feel the spirit of the event.

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