Reminder to pray

This morning my wife Linda and I visited Foursquare Church for their service. Before the worship service Pastor Crabtree talked about the violence and polarizaion across the nation and also about the rash of burglaries plaguing the Burney community. He suggested people of faith need to pray more. So before the service we all spent a period of time as individuals and in groups praying for our nation and for our community – praying without judgment that God can heal us and deliver us from evil.

Still Waters

Still Waters

I like to pray every time I get in the car before I drive – safe drive, no accidents, no police problems, no problems with animals, etc. I also like pray angels will watch over my house while I am gone. I believe it works. It cetainly doesn’t do any harm.

I believe that there is a spiritual dimension to all of these problems, so I think that praying that God’s Will be done, that God’s kingdom will come, that we may be forgiven and forgive, and that we overcome temptation and be delivered from evil opens the door so that the Holy Spirit can guide us to solve these problems.

I’m grateful that Pastor Crabtree gave this reminder to pray more that God can heal our world, our nation, our community, my family, and me.


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