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Let Love Flow Through You So That Your Heart May Be Pure

The Long Days Time is the first phase of summer. Summer is the time when trees develop their fruit. To produce good fruit you want a pure heart. Rose is the color. The Woodpecker is the totem. Go outdoors. Enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of nature. Let love flow though you so that your heart may be pure and your fruit may be juicy, nutritious, and sweet.

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Pledge of the Brown Bear

Full Moon Rising
I pledge allegiance
To the Way

And to the Love, Freedom,
Creativity, and Abudance
That it provides

One Cosmos
With God as its Center and Circumference

E Pluribus Unum
With Compassion for All

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The Quest

The Quest

The Quest

So I asked history
“Do you have purpose?”

History divided consciousness from form
to reflect upon events swirling in a dance of love

And then replied,

“I am intelligent process
not predetermined
not random
influenced by the interaction of human and divine will.”


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Women in the Life of Alexander The Great

A continuation of the exploration of the hypothesis “It is never a good Idea to try to conquer the world.” with a brief look into the mind of Alexander and four of the women in his life, especially his marriage to Roxana and her fate.

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