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Growing a Healthy World

April 20 is the beginning of the growing time. Let us pause to consider how we can grow in a healthy way. Peace be with you.

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Baby Steps


Learn many languages in order to enter the infinite sphere of no language


Learn many symbols in order to enter the unknown reservoir from which the symbols sprout


Learn many symbols in order to experience the infinite source of love and power


Learn many symbols in order to embrace the Mother that nurtures all


Patiently concentrating the mind through time one passes through the portal to the Land That Knows No Time

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Identity and Change, Descartes, Mathematics, King David, Solomon’s Temple, Satan, Statistics, Pythagoras, Plato, and God.

I misspoke in this video saying that Pythagoras studied Plato. I meant to say that Plato was familiar with the teaching of Pythagoras.

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Lead me not into temptation…

This is a tough one. On a theological level it raises questions. On a personal level it hits home.

If one says to Our Father who art in Heaven,  “Please don’t lead me into temptation,” that would seem to imply that when we are tempted it is God that is leading us into temptation.

If it is God’s will that His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven, then why would God lead us into temptation?

Now, to be clear, it does not say that God is the one who tempts us. It merely implies that God may lead us into a situation in which we are tempted.

That makes more sense, because if we are to become perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect, then we should be able to resist temptation.

After his baptism by John, when the Holy Spirit descended and a voice from above said, “This is my only Son in whom I am well pleased,” Jesus was led by the Spirit of God into the wilderness to fast for 40 days before beginning his public mission.

During that 40 days, we are told that he was tempted by Satan himself with three great temptations. He withstood the temptations by reciting verses from scripture.

Moreover, the story goes on to say that, in addition to these three temptations. Jesus was tempted in every way that it is possible for a man to be tempted and he overcame every temptation.

God allowed the man Jesus to be tempted in every way before he began his public ministry.

Jesus began his ministry as the Messiah on the foundation of his spiritual victory.

Because he overcame temptation, he is the Way.

St. Paul said that Jesus is the first fruits and we are to become like him. So perhaps in order to become like Jesus, we also need to overcome temptation.

Therefore, we may be lead into temptation.

If one has never been tempted, how does one know how he or she will respond?

To teach the Way, one must become the Way.

There are many more questions, but for now I want to repeat that Jesus resisted Satan by quoting sacred scripture. There is power in the words of sacred scripture.

It is not only Christianity that testifies to this power.

To give an example. Five hundred years before Jesus lived, Buddha gave this advice:

Those who recite many scriptures but fail to practice their teachings are like a cowherd counting another’s cows. They do not share in the joys of the spiritual life. But those who know few scriptures yet practice their teachings, overcoming all lust, hatred, and delusion, live with a pure mind in the highest wisdom. They stand without external supports and share in the joys of the spiritual life.

-Dhammapada 1:19-20


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Love and hate



According to the Dhammapada, more that 2500 years ago the Buddha said:

“He was angry with me, he attacked me, he defeated me, he robbed me” –
those who dwell on such thoughts will surely never become free from hatred.”

“He was angry with me, he attacked me, he defeated me, he robbed me” –
those who do not dwell on such thoughts will surely become free from hatred.

For hatred can never put an end to hatred; love alone can.
This is an unalterable law.

– Dhammapada 1:3-5

Looking at today’s world, it seems that we need to remind ourselves of this unalterable law.

Peace will never be realized in a world consumed with hatred. Peace will only be realized on a foundation of love.

Note that the Buddha does not say that resentful thoughts will not arise when one is a victim of injustice. He says that those who dwell on such thoughts will never be free from hatred. Likewise, those who do not dwell on those thoughts will surely be free from hatred.

What is love? What is hate? What is the relationship between the two. There may be many definitions, but definitions do not really matter. This a question that each person can answer by introspection.

I believe that there is a being, a force, a power of unconditional universal love. I believe that it is an apprehension of the oneness that underlies all existence.

Personally I believe the experience of this universal power is healing and healthy. I believe that surrendering to and cultivating the power of hatred is destructive and unhealthy.

Therefore I appreciate the Buddha’s insight that not dwelling on resentful thoughts can lead to liberation from hatred.

Vasiliy Myazin - Sermon on the Mount

Vasiliy Myazin – Sermon on the Mount

This is akin to the teaching of Jesus, “Love your enemy.”

Or, “Do unto others as others would do unto you.”

No one likes to be hated. Therefore, do not hate others.

Peace is considered a great virtue.

Selfish, unjust actions disturb the peace.

A primary responsibility of any government is to keep the peace and maintain justice.

Justice and Mercy are two poles of the divine Tree of Life. They should act in concord on the foundation of Love.

If a person is committing crimes, it is appropriate for a policeman to arrest him, but the policeman should not be motivated by hatred. The motivation should be to keep the peace, ensure justice. This is motivated by a love for the community.

Likewise, in international affairs if someone is disturbing the peace, they must be stopped. Not from a motivation of hatred, but from a desire to restore peace and pursue justice.

Road to the Temple of Peace

Road to the Temple of Peace

If a nation or an economic system is unjust, it will lose the mandate of heaven. but it is desirable that reform and rectification be powered by a motivation of love, not hatred.

Justice is important, but attempts to achieve justice motivated by hatred will not succeed. Hatred will only breed more hatred.

A world in which hatred is rampant is an unhealthy world. A nation in which hatred is rampant is an unhealthy nation.

If we do not entertain hateful thoughts and emotions then we open ourselves to the healing power of love.

If we open our hearts and minds to the power of love, then the Kingdom of Divine Love will come.


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