Who Brought The Wine?

Another year almost gone

And where

And what is it


The earth has made one more journey around the sun

The sun has inched its way or miled its way or mega-miled its way

A few degrees around the periphery of the galaxy

The earth has spun just a bit more than 365 times upon its axis

We have been hot and cold


The moon has spooned and spun

Phased in and out

A dozen times or so

We have had

Our moments of calm and our lunatic binges

The tide has risen and dropped 12 times

We have had our ups and downs


Millions have died

And millions more have been born


The crystals grow

Bacteria munch

The biosphere breathes in and gives off gas


A year almost gone


A million years have gone

Billions of years have gone

And before the Earth was born

No one, not even God

Knew what time it was


There was a mountain and now it is a hill

There was a swamp and now it is a mountain

A star exploded

Another sucked itself into eternal darkness

And more stars danced into existence

Elements formed and transformed in the fiery furnace

of the stellar smelter


Species come and go

Life and energy play in ways

Beyond our imagination


And before the Big Bloom

There was only imagination

And then perhaps



And I was just going to say that I love “The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock”

And think about what that means


Perhaps nothing more than that I love beauty and mystery and soft touches

And imagination creates beauty and mystery and

My heart responds with a soft touch


The Egyptians say that Ptah conceived the universe in his heart

And created with his Word

But still before Ptah

The darkness was there

The dark energy undulating to some unknown vibe

And so before being could be

Ptah had to plant his seed of light

Into the vibrating womb


And some say sound gives birth to light

And that may be


Did Ptah reach such a frenzied pitch singing his primal song of love

Such frantic frequencies

That he exploded in the pleasure

Of light


Is the Big Bang actually the Big Orgasm

And we

Children of that ancient union


Imagination giving birth to love and song

Song giving birth to ecstasy

And ecstasy giving birth to light


Perhaps, but I think not quite right.

Feels true but not quite, because

For there to have been so much delight


There must have been some wine

Indeed, there must have been some wine


And who brought the wine?

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