The point of it all

The smoke seeps from the burning bush and rises
In serpent coils around the ancient tree with glee
Essaying to set free some magnetic impulse from the moon

How soon will day break upon an unsuspecting planet
How soon will the darkness shatter into a billion blazing crystals

How long before dead men reclaim their bones and dance the hokey pokey
This is the time when things are not quite okey dokey
But soon will be

A caravan of captain kangaroos is hopping o’er the horizon
Singing carols of hope and bearing secret messages
Within their leather pouches like little koala bears practicing tai chi

Soon they will all lie on couches analyzing their dreams
Revealing archetypes and unraveling conspiratorial themes

They are akin to pink elephants but much less flighty
They are akin to purple cows but much less mighty
They are akin to witches who dance about the midnight fire
In the darkened wood amongst the sprites without a nighty

Well I say hold your breathe and let go my friends

We have seen the freak show
We have passed through the house of horrors
We are entering the tunnel of love on the roller coaster

Mighty Mouse the ancient hierophant who burrowed through Osiris’ tomb
To leap out of his mother’s womb
Is on his way
To save the day

He will lead us with his little wet black twitching nose
And mark the trail with small moist turds
And we will follow him like stampeding herds

Until we reach the point of no return

Which is the point of no beginning
Which is the beginning of no point at all
Which is the point of it all

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