Dancing on the Sea of Peace

Peace! No static state of death for me!

Peace! The power in the stillness.

Peace. The quiet in the fire

Burning in my soul
Higher, higher
Lashing out In tongues of flame
To share the warmth
Of peace

Flashing out In sparks To share the light Of peace.

Peace through suffering Peace through pain
I rejoice and count it gain
When tribulations torment me.
It melts my chains and sets me free
To feel Peace.

The devil doesn’t like a hard time.
He flees.
Selfishness subsides.
Thorny paths lead me to fields
Where peace abides.

Peace in the home
Shalom, shalom.

Mother, father, sister, brother
Injecting Peace into each other –
Creating, nurturing, teaching,
Reaching out to friends and neighbors,
Sharing peace through all their labors.

Peace for the nation
Captured by a vision
Of peace On Earth

Giving birth
To men and women
Dancing like waves
On the sea Of peace.

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