Night and Day

Night and Day

Night after hours of scheming and planning

Conquers the world and her light once more

And knowing no way to defeat her terror

Man smothers the candle and closes the door

And hides in his bed from the fear and frustration

And worry and wonder and pain and despair

And pulls up the covers of sleep and creation

And dreams that his troubles have gone and aren’t there


But then in the morning the sun has appeared

To conquer the darkness and make the land bright

And man sees his troubles are less than he feared

For the day has restored what he lost to the night

So he puts on his armor of honor and love

And enters the battle ‘gainst saddening thought

And when his life’s over he rises above

And meets his creator and is glad he has fought


I wrote this poem when I was a 17-year old student at Helena High School in 1968. I recently I performed it at a wonderful Hope is Alive! open mike in Burney California.

Alex Colvin


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2 responses to “Night and Day

  1. lukepm12

    This is fantastic man, where did you find the inspiration for this one?


    • Alex Colvin

      When I was young I wrote a lot of poetry. I believe that studying poetry under my teacher helped inspire me a lot. She told me that she thought I could be a professional poet, which was pretty cool.


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