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Give us this day our daily bread

Still Waters

Still Waters

The Lord’s Prayer is a beautiful and powerful prayer. Most Christians pray it every Sunday in Church.

In this blog I just want to focus on “Give us this day our daily bread.”

The first thing I would suggest is that it would be helpful to pray this prayer every day, not just once a week.

Why? Because if you take it literally, you area are asking for bread for “this day.”

I suppose if you want bread for a whole week or a whole lifetime, you could say, “Give me all the bread I need this week, or give me bread every day for the rest of my life.”

Then again, Jesus said, “Think not on the morrow for the morrow will take care of itself. Sufficient unto the day are the troubles thereof.”

Thinking about the future causes anxiety.

Reaching in for the flower

Reaching in for the flower

Give me this day my daily bread. That’s enough. Pray it every day.

So what is daily bread?

For simplicity let’s say food. Or beyond that the sustenance that I need to maintain my existence, function, and grow.

But is it only physical sustenance that is being talked about?

We need several types of bread. We need to feed ourselves physically, yes!

But we also need to feed ourselves emotionally and intelectually.

We need emotional bread. Love. The love of friends, the love of family. Most important, the love of God. We need to feel loved and to love ourselves. Only when one is nurtured in love can one love others as one loves oneself.

So we need the daily bread of love.



We also need intellectual bread. Ideas which help the mind to grow. Gradually mastering new concepts and  gaining new insights, which as we put them into practice lead to wisdom.

We need the daily bread of truth.

Each day we need to feed our body, our emotions, and our minds.

There is one more kind of bread we need. In the Unification Church we called this vitality elements.

When we are physically nourished we act.

When we feel love we want to give love.

When we are inspired we want to put that inspiration into practice and share it.

I am talking about praxis.

It is beneficial to use one’s physical, emotional, and intellectual energy to serve others.

Doing good deeds creates vitality within oneself that helps the spirit to grow.

Road to the Temple of Peace

Road to the Temple of Peace

God is the answerer of prayer. If we pray every day for God to give us our daily bread, God will provide us with physical, emotional and mental food.

God will provide us with opportunities to help others.

If we do so we grow spiritually each day.

In such a way we can help God’s Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Five minutes with the flawed guru November 22 2015

Happy Thanksgiving. We are entering the long nights time. Hope you enjoy the video.

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Night and Day

Night and Day

Night after hours of scheming and planning

Conquers the world and her light once more

And knowing no way to defeat her terror

Man smothers the candle and closes the door

And hides in his bed from the fear and frustration

And worry and wonder and pain and despair

And pulls up the covers of sleep and creation

And dreams that his troubles have gone and aren’t there


But then in the morning the sun has appeared

To conquer the darkness and make the land bright

And man sees his troubles are less than he feared

For the day has restored what he lost to the night

So he puts on his armor of honor and love

And enters the battle ‘gainst saddening thought

And when his life’s over he rises above

And meets his creator and is glad he has fought


I wrote this poem when I was a 17-year old student at Helena High School in 1968. I recently I performed it at a wonderful Hope is Alive! open mike in Burney California.

Alex Colvin


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The Man Who Knew Nothing

It was poetry night at Bohemians, November 2015. I had no poem so I just got up and spoke.

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Churches in Burney

Pit River Country

On Sunday morning, November 8, my wife Linda and I went over to the Vet’s Hall for breakfast and for $5 were treated to a delicious pancake, sausage, egg, and fruit breakfast. The breakfast was served by three very friendly vets. We arrived at about 9 a.m.  We were the only ones there.  One of the gentlemen told us that the breakfast takes place once a month and they usually get a good showing between 10 and 10:30.

We figured that most of the people in town were in church or getting ready to go to church. After breakfast and a nice conversation, Linda and I decided to drive around town and see the churches.

We headed back up Main Street and the first church we saw was the Word of Life Assembly of God at 37341 Main Street. The main Pastor is Ken Frazier.

Word of Life Assembly of God Word of Life Assembly of…

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