Where is the spirit world?

I’m going to assume for the present that there is a spirit world. I am not going to pretend that I understand it. I’ll just say that I don’t think that all life and intelligence is lodged in the physical

Mind Bending Experience

Mind Bending Experience

world. After all, in the world of the senses there is only light, sound, heat, cold, texture, motion,

taste, smell. That is what is perceptible to me as the physical world.

Also, as I am told there are all kinds of rays, particles and vibrations that I don’t really see. So what I called the physical world in the preceding  paragraph doesn’t really exist except as a hologram in my mind.

Nor do I see thoughts or feelings. The things that I perceive may all be manifestations of thoughts and

A thought

A thought

feelings but I do not perceive the thoughts and feelings themselves as a part of physical reality.

Then there are the realms of dreams and imagination. There is also the question of whether or not our personalities survive our death. Furthermore, there is a possibility that other beings such as jinn, angels, gods, demons, etc. also exist but that I do not perceive them with my physical senses.

Personally, I believe that such entities do exist. I haven’t met them, but I believe the testimony of many people who say that they have.

I like to take walks to the graveyard.

Sometimes I pray, addressing my prayer to the Most High God or Heavenly Father or Yahweh or Allah or Jesus or Brahma or Buddha or Shang Di or the Tao or the Great Spirit or Grandfather Spirit Are all of these the same or are they different beings? I don’t know. Whatever the answer is I like to think that there is One who is the source of all beings and all worlds.

In any case, I think the unseen reality is vast. I believe that it has many times of being. Perhaps the



closest to us the spirits of our ancestors and those who have lived in the geographical  area we have lived in or those who have had similar life paths and who have been working with us in some way.

I walked to the cemetery today. It is a white man’s cemetery dating from the late 1800’s to the present. I primarily go to talk with my mother, my grandfather, and my grandmother, but I also talk to others and to God. I express myself and I seek their guidance, help, and blessing.

So are they there? And if they are there, where is there?

Jung used to talk about the spirits of the land. Not just our ancestors, but the ancestors of the people who have lived here for thousands of years. In the case of my little town it is the Achomawi people. To be more exact, several bands of the Achomawi.

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Today at the cemetery I wondered what the spirit world around here is like if it is around here. If physical location is connected somehow to a spiritual realm, it seems that there would be many more Native American spirits than European American.  Are there separate realms for people of different cultures, religions, and languages. I would like to be on good terms with all of them and to help facilitate harmony between them.

What is the connection between the various realms and what is the connection between the spiritual world and the world I live in? These are some of the questions I ask

If anyone knows, please share your knowledge.



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