The Birth of Confusionism

Long ago in the ancient land of Mu lived two brothers, Pro and Con

Con Fuse Us

Con Fuse Us

Pro, the elder was very rational and dialectical in his thinking. He brilliantly analyzed and explained everything. Con on the other hand was very reflective and meditative. He thought with his heart and tried to see the underlying unity in things.

But the people were drawn to Pro because he was so fascinating. He became very popular. He went to the west, eventually ending up in Asia Minor, spreading his ideas as everywhere. People throughout the world adopted Pro’s dialectical way of thinking and much progress was made. The problem was that for every thesis there was an antithesis. So over time bitter conflicts developed between the various philosophies and religions that arose. Families, communities, nations were torn apart as they struggled over the conflicting ideas.

Con Fusing

Con Fusing

Eventually, people saw that there was a need for reconciliation. All this time Con had been living peacefully watching the development of all of the ideas, observing the behavior of the people, meditating and testing the ideas in his heart. He never took sides. He learned, saw things, and evaluated things from all points of view. Yet in his heart he always maintained a calm internal center of love.

When the people came to the point that they felt that the conflict must end, they sent a delegation to Con. The delegation entered his chamber, bowed slightly and said, “Con please fuse us.”

Thus Confusionism was born.

The Fundamental Principles of Confusionism

The Confusionist Book of Genesis

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